Tablets I Wish to Review

This is the list of tablets I would love to get my hands on to test and review. Unfortunately, I cannot buy all of them, but I can dream about them, so here they are on my “wishlist”.

I briefly write why I am interested in each specific tablet, be it the design, special features, or competitive price.

P.S. I am only really interested in reviewing screen-less tablets now due to effort, price, and personal usage preference. After using drawing monitors for a while, I have found that screen-less tablets suit me much better.

Table of Contents

  • Wacom
    -One by Wacom
  • Huion
    -H610Pro V2
  • XP-Pen
    -Star G640S
    -Deco Fun L
  • Artisul
    -M10K Pro
  • Xencelabs
    -Pen Tablet Medium
    -A15 Pro


-One by Wacom

I have already tried the Intuos and Intuos Pro from Wacom, so I want to see how this tablet stacks up against those ones.

The One by Wacom is also the cheapest tablet Wacom offers with the closest price to the competition, so I want to see how it performs against the entry-level tablets other companies offer.


-H610Pro V2

I have tested the Huion New 1060 Plus and Huion H1060P, which are basically the one-step-up versions of the H610Pro series, but most people would prefer to get the H610Pro series due to its lower price.

I want to know how good the H610Pro V2 actually is when stacked up against the H1060P which is my absolute favourite screen-less tablet.
I would love to recommend the H610Pro V2 to people seeing the features it has, but it’s hard to do so without actual experience testing it. This is because two similar tablets can perform really differently even if they’re from the same company. Ex. Huion H640P vs Huion H1060P which use the exact same PW100 pen but perform completely differently.


-Star G640S

The G640S fits in the category of “small” tablets, directly competing with Wacom’s low-end Intuos… except at basically half the price.

The only other tablets which fit in this size category are the Huion H640P and XP-Pen G640, but both of those have aspects which make them somewhat hard to recommend to someone who wants a “quality” alternative to the Wacom Intuos.
-In the case of the Huion H640P, it has quite a lot of line wobble, and it also has problems detecting light taps when trying to click things. Its pen pressure curve also leaves much to be desired.
-In the case of the XP-Pen G640, the simple plastic pen turns away people who are looking for a “quality” alternative, despite it performing fantastically for drawing with that simple plastic pen.

So, in comes the XP-Pen G640S which is a small size tablet with a premium rubber grip pen. I want to assume that it draws just as well as the G640 whose only problem was the budget feeling of the plastic pen, but I can’t make any conclusions without actually trying it myself.

If the G640S is as good as I expect it to be, then it should be the go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a lower entry price alternative to the Wacom Intuos.

-Deco Fun L

I’m interested in this tablet because of it’s extremely low price for a medium sized tablet.

Although the Deco Fun uses the cheapest looking pen XP-Pen has, as long as the drawing performance of the tablet is quite good it should be a great alternative to the Wacom Intuos because, quite frankly, the Wacom Intuos uses a really cheap feeling pen as well.



I often see Artisul’s tablets on sale in the Amazon Deals section and it makes me wonder if they’ve improved from the past.

Quite honestly, aside from wanting to see if they’ve improved their performance, the tablet doesn’t look like anything new or special to me.


-M10K Pro

The first version of the M10K which I was allowed to review was quite a disappointment due to many problems involving the shortcut keys, touch wheel, and extreme slipperiness of the pen on the surface. It was so slippery, even I had problems handling it despite all my experience with different textures.

I’m interested in how much they’ve improved the design and functionality in the pro version, and whether it’s a worthy recommendation.


The M1230 isn’t available on, but I’m interested in how it performs because it’s the tablet with the most shortcut keys I’ve ever seen (13 physical buttons + 13 multimedia keys + 16 soft keys).

With that said, I’ve never considered multimedia keys or soft keys to actually be useful, so I’m just interested in the 13 physical buttons and the drawing performance which accompanies those.


-Pen Tablet Medium

Leaving aside the poor naming, it’s interesting seeing a company try to fight Wacom in the “high-end” tablet market by releasing a tablet in the same price range as the Intuos Pro.

I’m interested in how this tablet makes itself worth that price premium where even the Intuos Pro seemingly fails to make itself worth its price. I do have some high hopes though considering many of the Xencelabs members consist of people who used to work at Wacom and other tablet companies.


-A15 Pro

The part that interests me about this tablet is that there are 12 shortcut buttons + 1 physical wheel. This is the most usable physical buttons I have seen alongside the GAOMON M1230.

With that said, I’m actually mostly interested in this tablet to see if VEIKK has improved their pen performance. If they haven’t improved the drawing performance of their tablets, then the number of shortcut buttons really doesn’t matter in the end.

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