About Me

I am a hobbyist artist and I go by the name Nikage on this blog. I am not a professional reviewer or a professional artist. I simply run this tablet review site as a hobby out of my own curiosity towards drawing tablets.

My Story

Ever since I bought my first Wacom alternative tablet near the end of 2016, I began wondering why people are so biased toward Wacom when I was getting along just fine with my own alternative tablet which cost way less.
So the first thing I did was search “Wacom alternatives” on Google and, lo and behold, I found the reason.
Searching “Wacom alternatives” on Google would only net you search results of “Top 10 Wacom Alternatives!” lists with completely outdated tablets, half of which aren’t even available anymore! (*cough designmodo.com and wacomalternatives.com cough*).

Because of the fact that there were basically no up-to-date tablet guides available near the end of 2016, I ended up having to search long and hard before finding and settling with my Ugee HK1560 as my first Wacom alternative tablet.
I looked so far and wide that, as a result, I became quite knowledgeable about the tablets currently on the market and… how hard it is to find them. And so, since I had spent so much time gathering all this tablet information, I decided to create my Masterlists of Wacom alternatives so others wouldn’t have to work so hard to find these alternative companies.

Over the course of 2017, I’ve become really interested in finding out which alternative tablets are “the best”, so I’ve bought many tablets to have a fair say on their performance and capabilities.
I like to think I have quite a bit of experience with different tablets, and I try to compare the ones I’ve tried in as unbiased a way as I can. Of course, there may be some bias in opinion related topics, but I do my best to keep that minimal and do my best to explain the reasoning behind my conclusions.

What really annoys me is when someone who has had a bad experience with one or two non-Wacom tablets proclaims that all non-Wacom tablets are bad. I have tried so many tablets that those people look extremely childish to me.
Of course some tablets are going to be better than others! I would know because the Huion 580 I own has a simply horrible texture compared to all my other tablets, but does that mean all non-Wacom tablets are just as bad? No!
Despite this, these people happen to buy a single bad non-Wacom tablet and start screaming that all the non-Wacom tablets are bad. Where is the rational thinking that humans are capable of in that?

Anyways, with that rant out of the way.
Unfortunately, my passion for reviewing tablets has waned because I now have a tablet which I am satisfied with (ex. Huion H1060P). As such, please do not expect frequent new reviews from this site as I basically have no reason to buy new tablets and would rather spend time focusing on my art instead.

P.S. Making money is not the goal of this site, however, I do use Amazon Affiliate links.
Amazon Affiliate links do not change the price of your purchase, so you have nothing to worry about even if you click them. They just give me an extremely small cut (like 2%) of the purchase if you do buy something using my link.

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