Huion Drivers – How to make it stop prompting you for permissions every time you log in on Windows 10!

(Aug. 26, 2018) Edit: This issue has been addressed in the newer Huion driver ver14.7.4. They have reverted to how their previous drivers avoided the UAC prompt, which is to include the “admin privileges” button in the drivers.


As a Huion user, have you noticed that since installing the newest April 28, 2018 or June 21, 2018 Windows drivers, the Huion drivers prompt you for permissions every single time you log in?
I’m not sure about you, but it’s been getting on my nerves a bit having to give permissions every single time I log in, especially because previous versions of the Huion drivers didn’t have this problem.

So in this post, I will be going through a few solutions to get rid of that prompt.

Table of Contents

Huion Support’s Solution


First things first, I messaged Huion support regarding the issue to see if they have any solutions to stop the drivers from prompting me every time I log in.

Their solution? Turn off the prompting feature on Windows.

On Windows 10, this setting can be found by pressing Windows Key+R, then typing Control Panel and clicking Enter. Then choose “View by: Small icons” in the top right, then select “Security and Maintenance”, then click “Change User Account Control settings” along the left.

It’s a simple solution, really, but I would like to point out that those prompts are technically a Windows safety feature and they’re there to prevent unwanted programs from automatically running without you knowing.
I appreciate the effort, Huion support, but I would prefer to keep that safety feature on, thank you.

If you know what you’re doing with technology and are sure you don’t need those prompts on your computer, you can use this solution. However, I assume most people aren’t extremely good with technology and will want to keep this feature on as an extra safety feature, regardless of whether it’s actually useful or not.

Using a Previous Version Driver

Huion Driver Download Page

(You can download older drivers from:

Since I did not agree with Huion’s solution, I decided to just use the previous January 12, 2018 drivers instead of the newer ones. This is because I noticed that the April 28, 2018 drivers (the newest at the time) did not offer anything noticeably new or improved compared to the previous January 12, 2018 drivers.
I recommended this method to anyone who was also bothered about being prompted every time they log in since it is the simplest method which does not require you to change any Windows settings.

However, with the release of the new June 21, 2018 drivers which actually bring relevant changes to the table, I can no longer recommend people to use an older driver to avoid the log in prompts, otherwise they will be lacking these new features such as tilt functionality and built-in update checker.

My Final Solution

The final solution which I arrived at after spending a fair bit of time Googling is to create a task in the Windows Task Scheduler program. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to set this up.

Note: I believe this can only be done if you have administrator privileges on your computer. If your account does not have administrator privileges, please look up how to make your account an administrator first.


Step 1: Install the Huion drivers.

-If you already have the drivers installed, then you don’t need to reinstall them. Just make sure you know where your drivers are saved. By default it should be in “C:\Huion Tablet”.
-If it doesn’t automatically save to “C:\Huion Tablet” make sure to take note of where it does save for later.


Step 2: Open Task Scheduler.

To do so, click the Windows key and type “task scheduler”. Then click and open it.


Step 3: Create a task by pressing the “Create Task…” option in the “Actions” section on the right.


Step 4: Set up the General tab.

-Fill in the “Name:” section with whatever name you want. I named my task HuionTabletStartup to make it easy to identify.
-Make sure the “Run with highest privileges” option near the bottom is selected with a check mark.
-Change the “Configure for:” option to your Windows version, mine being Windows 10.

Nothing else should need to be changed in the General tab.


Step 5: Set up the Triggers tab.

-Click the “New…” button near the bottom.
-In the window that pops up, change the “Begin the task:” drop-down menu to “At log on”.
-Click “OK” and it should appear in the list of triggers as shown in the screenshot.

Nothing else needs to be done in the Triggers tab.


Step 6: Set up the Actions tab.

-Click the “New…” button near the bottom.
-In the window that pops up, change the “Action:” drop-down menu to “Start a program”.
-Then click the “Browse…” button and go to the folder where you installed the Huion driver in Step 1. Then look for “Huion Tablet.exe” in that folder and Open it.
-Click “OK” and confirm that it is now in the Actions list.
-Then click “OK” to create the Task.


Step 7: Check that you successfully created the Task.

-Click on the “Task Scheduler Library” folder and scroll through the list of Tasks and check that your Task has been successfully added.
-Once you confirm that it’s in there, you can exit out of Task Scheduler.


Step 8: Disable HuionTablet at startup in Task Manager.

-Open Task Manager. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and selecting Task Manager from the menu that appears.
-Click on More details at the bottom to show more options.
-Click on the “Startup” tab.
-Find HuionTablet in the Startup list and Disable it. We need to disable it here in Task Manager or it will keep giving us the permissions prompt every time we log in.

Step 9: Done!

-Restart your computer to check that the Huion driver now starts without prompting you for permission when you log in.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who was a bit frustrated about the Huion driver prompts!

Author: Nikage

I am a hobbyist artist. Ever since I bought my first Wacom alternative tablet, I've become interested in finding out what other alternative tablets are good, and trying to guide people to see that there's more than just Wacom on the market.

15 thoughts on “Huion Drivers – How to make it stop prompting you for permissions every time you log in on Windows 10!”

  1. Today I ordered the Huion H1060P by Amazon with discout for about 80 Euro because of your positive review.
    Foresightedly I installed the actual driver and got that annoying UAC-message on every logon.
    Huions offered solution (“switch off UAC completely”) is impudent. This is a NO-GO!!!
    Your stopgap looks fine, but – as you said – only if using admin privileges. I don’t want to change privileges because of Huion’s very poor programming!
    Now I installed an older driver, which does not prompt for UAC. That seems to be the least poor solution for me.
    If I like the H1060P I will contact Huion support and ask, whether they will solve this issue or not – otherwise I probably send the tablet back to Amazon.
    Thank you very much for investigating this issue – please mention it in every new Huion review you will do until Huion will solve this annoying problem.


    1. Hello,

      I don’t see what problem you have with my solution as all users should have admin privileges on their own computers by default (unless you are a guest user on someone else’s computer).
      Huion not programming their driver to do this automatically is, of course, an annoyance and it would be best for them to change it. But I personally believe the tablet is more than worth the (small) effort to implement my solution until Huion addresses it themselves.

      Also, I assure you that my solution is a one time chore and does not affect the computer in any way even if you were to leave it as is after uninstalling the Huion drivers, so it’s a really good no-hassle solution if I do say so myself.

      The choice to keep or return the tablet once you get it is yours, but I certainly hope you are not going to let this small issue (which has nothing to do with the actual drawing experience of the tablet) influence your perception of the quality of the tablet itself.

      Not to worry, I will be mentioning the issue and linking to my solution in my reviews while keeping track of whether Huion changes it or not.

      Sorry to hear about your woes, and I wish you luck with your future drawing,


  2. Hi Nikage,

    you are right, if only one person uses a computer. In my case, the computer is used by my wife (she will use the Huion) and me. For our own users, we both don’t have admin privileges – only a special user is configured with admin privileges. I don’t want to change this only because of Huion’s inability to create a clean driver.

    But one question: Is the start of the “Huion Tablet.exe” essential for using the tablet in graphic programs or is it only necessary for configuring. If it is only for configuring, then I could easily start “Huion Tablet.exe” manually for the first configuration or changing the configuration – in this case the UAC-prompt wouldn’t bother me in any way.



    1. Hello,

      You will not need to change who has admin privileges. Log into your “admin” account, then follow my solution step-by-step except for at Step 4. At Step 4, click the “Change User or Group…” button and type in your wife’s account name, then press “check names”, then continue with the steps as usual.
      Edit: I found out this extra step is unnecessary. Just follow the steps as is and it should work.
      Needless to say, I agree Huion needs to consider changing that part of their driver, but my solution can address that issue completely for the time being.

      The drivers are necessary for the tablet to have its proper functionality. You can try them without the drivers, but in my experience, I could not find a way to make it work without skipping the first 2cm of every stroke due to the default Windows Ink software in Windows.
      I believe the driver is necessary.



  3. Hi Nikage,

    thanks for your help, I will try it out when my tablet is delivered. If this will work for me as you described above, everything would be fine.

    I also think that the Huion driver is necessary – but I don’t think that the “Huion Tablet.exe” is the real *driver*. I could imagine that the “Huion Tablet.exe” is only the tool for setting configuration values which afterwards are used by the real *driver*. I will have a look at that too und will tell you my results.



      1. And you helped me, too Bro and gifted me with 1000 seconds of saved Lifetime, in which I would be otherwise full of Annoyance because of this shitty programmed Driver!


  4. I’m really new to the digital art (and, really, all art) world and your tablet reviews were crucial for my first tablet purchase 3 weeks ago. Now I google this driver issue and you’re literally the only result I find. You are just being super useful for me right now.


  5. Holy bat poop, this saved my sanity tonight. I extend my deepest gratitude. ;3;

    I had a different, though related problem: under Windows 10, my tablet (Huion Giano v1) flat-out refused to work in any program that required administrative privileges. Have you ever tried navigating Device Manager / Task Manager / Task Scheduler with Mouse Keys? I do not wish that frustration on anyone. Not only that, but it seems Huion has a mix-up on their website, and the latest drivers listed for the Giano v1 are actually for the Giano v2… So I’ve been stuck with driver V12.3.7, and this irksome problem, since January.

    I came across this article in the throes of sleep madness, and thought “#$%@ it, I’ll give it a try”. And IT WORKED! ASDFGHJKL!!


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